Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've been pretty down on myself lately, feeling like I haven't been producing as much (in truth, I haven't) as I once did—measured, in this case, by the number of pages I filled on a weekly basis in my little Moleskine pocket sketchbook (some of which can be seen here).

And then I realized today what the major difference between "then" and "now" was: I am no longer in school, and therefore no longer sitting through mandatory lectures at sturdy desks with nothing to do to keep my pen active other than sketching (and taking the occasional note). Now, on the other hand, I'm always busy - at work, driving to and from work, walking from my car to work (and vice versa) - and don't have the luxury of being seated for most of the day (apart from work).

I am, it seems, far too hard on myself.

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